Posted by: Jason McCartney | June 1, 2009

Egg and Chips for Winston

One of the best bits of being a candidate is meeting some wonderful people. A couple of weeks ago I was out canvassing and knocked on the door of 94 year old Eva Rowland. In a few minutes we struck up an instant rapport. I promised to return and thanks to her daughter Paula I went back to Eva’s this morning.

On the doorstep I’d had a fleeting glimpse of an extraordinary life and today, over tea and cherry bakewells, the stories flowed.

Eva was based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire and clearly remembers the Lancaster bombers taking off for the Dambusters raid. Group Captain Guy Gibson was a colleague. From Dunkirk to D Day the two hours flew by but the best story was saved for last. On a cross country troop train Mrs R, as Eva was affectionately known by the troops, was summoned to provide a tray of refreshments for a VIP passenger. After rustling up egg and chips with a pot of tea Eva was shepherded into the compartment of non other than Winston Churchill.

Finally, we should all remember that the slow pensioner fumbling for coins at the supermarket checkout or the stumbling OAP taking their time to get onto the bus during a rainstorm may well have once risked their lives for our country and our freedoms. Not my words, Eva’s as I left this lunchtime. You’re right Eva, you’re so right. Bless you.


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