Posted by: Jason McCartney | June 5, 2009

Holmfirth Tesco

Tesco are today submitting plans for their proposed superstore in Holmfirth. As someone who lives just outside Holmfirth, I’m worried about the consequences for local businesses including the Co Ops in New Mill and Wooldale. However my biggest concern is the increased traffic a new store will create. I commute up New Mill Road and through New Mill 3 times a week and the roads are busy enough already.

I’ve been out knocking on doors in Holmfirth, New Mill, Wooldale and Scholes in recent weeks asking local residents what they think. As well as the big concerns over the future of local shops and transport issues, there are still many local people who say they want a new supermarket. Local jobs, the availability of a wide range of produce at competitive prices and a petrol station, were all given the thumbs up.

As the planning process and consultation now begins, it’s up to us to have our say and influence the way our community develops to the benefit of us all.

Holmfirth Tesco Site



  1. Well done for raising the issue of traffic and tesco. People do not seem to relaise what a devastating impact it will have.

  2. Independatnt Government research shows the devistating affect out of centre superstore developments have on market towns. When Tesco opened near Stalham in 2002 the town centre CO-OP closed within months, followed by the Somerfield. Sainsbury had the same affect in Leominster. Tesco ADMIT they will take significant trade away from Holmfirth and Meltham. Its in their planning application

  3. I cannot understand the need for a new, larger supermarket. The current shops in the area are not overwhelmed with shoppers.

    The siting of this new store is ridiculous from a traffic point of view. The immediate area has not got the capacity to handle the additional traffic and surrounding villages will be blighted by having increased traffic flow throughout the day and night. How will shoppers from the opposite side of Holmfirth get through an already busy town centre junction? Marsh Lane, Shepley where I live is already a rat-run for speeding commuters during the morning/evening. This will become an all day event 7 days a week if a new store opens. How many other roads/villages will be affected in the same way?

    Tesco may claim that they can come up with solutions to these problems but they will not work and they in themselves will result in unwanted changes to our environment, e.g. speed restriction measures, new access roads, traffic lights, a host of other new street furniture most of which will be ignored.

    We need proper independent local asessments on the impact of this proposed store, not reports initiated/filtered by a multi-billion pound company. Unfortunately there is nobody who will fund these so we are at mercy of the supermarkets.

    This proposal is purely supply led demand. If the supermarket is not built we will happily carry on with our lives. If it is built no doubt people will shop there because it exists. If Tesco believe there to be a demand for the store let us have a proper vote then we can see what the score really is.

    Holmirth and the surrounding area is a rural community. Let us maintain this and leave the existing big towns as hosts to the overly large stores selling so many products we don’t even know we want until the supermarkets start supplying them.

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