Posted by: Jason McCartney | October 10, 2009

Sunny Manchester

Conference 2009 Manchester Venue

I’m back home in Yorkshire after a busy week at the Conservative party Conference in sunny Manchester – okay, it did rain Tuesday, and a bit on Wednesday. Here are my conference Top Ten moments:

    1. David Cameron’s closing speech. We will need to confront Britain’s culture of irresponsibility, and that will be hard to take for many people. We will have to tear down Labour’s big government bureaucracy.

Conference 2009 - David Cameron's Speech

    2. Pledges to keep pensioner bus passes, pensioner TV licences and the winter fuel allowance whilst linking pensions to earnings.
    3. Pledges to keep Sure Start centres and child benefit payments.
    4. Bono thanking the Conservatives for promising to fight world poverty.
    5. Signing up to the Royal British Legion campaign to support our Armes Forces, their families and veterans.
    6. Meeting Yorkshire Water bigwigs to discuss flooding, water meters and local reservoirs.
    7. Speaking in the transport debate about local bus service cuts, vandalism at Slaithwaite railway station and free pensioner bus passes.
    8. George Osborne safeguarding 100,000 front-line jobs.
    9. Meeting up with local Scouts to campaign against the “Rain Tax” – they allow girls to join now but boys can’t be in the Guides!
    10. More policy announcements than you can shake a copy of The Sun at.

Conference 2009 - Gordon Brown's Porky Pies


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