Posted by: Jason McCartney | January 22, 2010

True Grit

True Grit

This was the centre of Holmfirth in the early afternoon during the worst of the recent cold snap. I walked into town from home. It was like scene from the BBC series “Survivors” with shops closed and roads deserted.

The Kirklees gritting and snow clearing teams did a sterling job during the record breaking cold snap in January but there are lessons to be learnt for next time. That’s why I’m calling for an independent review. Kirklees managed to grit about 60 per cent of all roads in the area but many untreated minor routes, cul-de-sacs and pathways became treacherous in the sub zero conditions. Grit bins were left empty and residents couldn’t even help themselves as local suppliers were restricted from selling grit and salt.

There were and still are big problems with bin collections. Some areas haven’t had a collection for 4 weeks. This must be looked at, lessons must be learnt and action must be taken.

These issues are bigger than party politics and only an independent review will be able to make the right recommendations for the next prolonged cold snap.


  1. I have to say I cannot agree that Kirklees Council “did sterling job during the record breaking cold snap in January”. Living in Netherthong we rarely saw a gritter or snow plough in the area. And when one did appear they totally ignored the side roads. New Road leading up to Netherthong remained treacherous and the bus services through Netherthong were virtually suspended for weeks, leaving vulnerable people, i.e pensioners without their own transport trapped in their homes and unable to get out for food etc. Maybe other parts of Holmfirth and Upperthong received a better service from Kirklees in regard to snow clearance?

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