Posted by: Jason McCartney | February 20, 2010

Lindley Moor Data Campus

Lindley Moor

The fight goes on to stop the Data Campus development on Lindley Moor. Yesterday the Council’s Planning sub committee voted to send the proposal to the Planning and Highways committee with a recommendation for approval. I joined members of the Lindley Moor Action Group, and many concerned local residents, to speak against the plans yesterday. We’re not giving up the fight.


  1. Whichever party prevents the destuction of any area around Lindley moor will get mine and myfamilies vote for life.

  2. This proposal for both the industrial complex (data campus puts way too much of a positive spin on the reality of it all) and the house building will destroy the area, creating huge pressure on the road network, local schools and environment. We already have to deal with the M62 on our doorstep and the congestion this creates as people from all areas of Huddersfield congregate in the area for access to the motorway. The exit slip road at Ainley Top is already overloaded as people queue for 2 miles down the M62 to exit the motorway – can you imagine the impact from this build proposal, it’s lunacy and I for one want to see this stopped right now – I would welcome advise on how we can take part.

  3. […] campaign also has support from local MP, Jason McCartney and local Lib. Dem. councillors, which helped get the plans overturned the last […]

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