Posted by: Jason's Staff | February 12, 2011

Jason Calls for LDF Consultation to be Suspended

Jason has been contacted by many constituents who are deeply concerned, not only by the potential implications of the LDF, but also with how the consultation has been run. He met with the Housing Minister Grant Shapps this week and briefed him on the situation.

Meeting With the Housing Minister, Grant Shapps

He has joined Dewsbury MP Simon Reevell in calling for the consultation to be suspended, as the Localism Bill is still going through Parliament.

Jason made this statement:

“There is no government imposed obligation for Kirklees Council to crack on with this LDF policy. Councils are being encouraged to revisit their plans taking into account the emerging policies that will see Local Plans guide future developments. There are no government imposed house building targets. With this background and the fact that I’m being deluged with complaints about the consultation process, it is now time for the Council to suspend the LDF consultation. We only have one opportunity to get where we build houses and business developments right; we mustn’t rush this through and destroy our beautiful countryside for future generations.”


  1. I live in Golcar where the council are planning to build 300 houses. 750 in Milnsbridge and so on…. They seem to be steam rolling this along. The council (and their officers whe seem to be a law unto themselves. Take decisions made by them on St. George’s Square), go ahead with money spending ideas without taking any notice of the public. Public consultation is just a joke. I hesitate to say this but someone must be benefitting financially.

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