Posted by: Jason McCartney | May 23, 2011

Holmfirth Adult Education Centre

Kirklees College have announced they are closing the Adult Education Centre in Holmfirth. I visited the centre last week to see the wonderful mural created by the pottery class students.

Holmfirth Adult Education Centre

I’ve now met with the College Principal and his deputy to get the rationale for the closure. The centre is a wonderful community facility and I’m now working with many others to try and keep the courses going.


  1. I’ve been using Holmfirth education centre for 7 years and I am very disappointed with the decision to close it. Its an important facility for Holmfirth. It has not been well supported by the college over the last few years, with the withdrawal of the main courses and increasing numbers of students being demanded for other courses to be run. I think it could have a future if the centre was managed locally with a more innovative and flexible approach.
    stephen dufton

  2. I joined the pottery class over a year and a half ago now and I’m really upset to hear that the whole centre is being closed down. The course is more than an education for me, it is somewhere to relax and meet new people and is a great part of the local community. I will fight this closure along with ALL the other members of our class!

  3. I have attended the pottery class for nearly 4 years. I work during the day and like nothing better than going to pottery and getting rid of the stress of a working day. I retire in August and was looking forward to attending more classes at the centre. I am therefore disappointed at the decision to close. Will I travel to Huddersfield or Highfields or Dewsbury during the winter? No I will not.
    I wonder if the people who make these decisions actually attend an adult education class? I think not.
    I think the decision makers are very short sighted and are only looking at the short term financial benefits and not at the long term savings in health and welfare of the people who attend these classes.

  4. I have attended Holmfirth Adult Education for a long time. It is a well valued facility catering in the past for all learning abilities. I believe it is the only college building in South Kirklees outside the main Kirklees College, for disability access. For me, a carer, it has been a social outlet away from caring as well as providing new skills. Staff have always provided a relaxing friendly environment for learning and socialising. To what purpose would this building be used in the future? What a great loss to the community this would be, it has been a show case for the Art Festival. There have been taster sessions on Saturday mornings for classes available and also people interested in foreign language have an opportunity to watch and discuss french/italian language films.

  5. I was a student at Holmfirth Adult Education Centre until this last term, where I left because I needed a major hip operation. I have attended various computer courses, creative writing and pottery classes for 12 years; in fact since I moved here.
    I feel so distressed about the closure of the Centre, which I found out about whilst still in hospital. Physically I am unable to leave the house at the moment, so cannot join any meetings or protest. A great part of my life has been the joy of the classes I attended and the people I met; some of whom are now good friends.
    Something needs to be done to help to save such an important centre to the people of Holmfirth. I am not in a position to travel far because of my lack of mobility (there is disabled access there) and I for one will have nothing to replace such a wonderful part of my life. Surely the centre could at least be used as some kind of community or arts facility where people could meet. There is a pottery already set up, a potential for a cafe (facilities already there) and space could be rented out to craftspeople or others who want to run private courses. I believe the building was originally given as a facility to the people of Holmfirth. Is there anything that can be done to re-claim it again?
    Is there any way forward?

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