Posted by: Jason's Staff | June 13, 2011

Pupils, a Public Meeting, a Petition and Plenty of Pianos

Jason was singing Beatles songs on one of the outdoor pianos in Holmfirth to launch the Holmfirth Arts Festival this weekend:

Holmfirth Street Pianos

Jason joined Dewsbury MP Simon Reevell with a joint stand at another successful Honley Show. Jason helped collect hundreds of more signatures on the petition to save Yorkshire’s Children’s Heart Surgery Unit at the LGI:

The Honley Show

A packed public meeting at the Adult Education Centre allowed constituents to question the Vice Principal of Kirklees College about the decision to close the centre:

Holmfirth Adult Education Centre Meeting

Jason ended up Chairing the meeting as passions were running high. A further meeting will be held at Holmfirth Civic Centre.

He also visited Lydgate Special School last Friday. He had met many of the pupils at the Sharing Memories event earlier in the year:

Lydgate Special School


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