Posted by: Jason's Staff | June 23, 2011

Yes to High Speed Rail

Jason joined music producer and train enthusiast Pete Waterman to launch the Yes to High Speed Rail campaign.

Yes to High Speed Rail

High Speed Rail will bring over £2billion to the Yorkshire economy, help with increasing passenger congestion and provide a viable alternative to domestic flights. Also, with many journeys transferred to the new lines, it will free up current lines for faster and more frequest local commuter services.

To read more about the case for Yorkshire, please visit



  1. If they need it so much in the north why not cancel the bit south of Birmingham confirm the the route north of Birmingham spend and spend the £17 billion in the North. By 2026 the existing routes London to Birmingham will only take abot 14 minutes longer than the proposed HS2

  2. And how much will this cost?
    And how much will the tickets cost?
    Train travel in the UK is already very expensive as it is. As soon as there’s more than 1 of you traveling you’re (still) better off with a car. Even with the current extortionate petrol/diesel prices, legalised theft called Car insurance and ever increasing VED.
    On the continent you get combined Train/tram/Bus tickets – cheaper than here and a companies like First Group still cannot offer Bus&Train tickets, yet they run most of the busses in Huddersfield and the TransPennineExpress…. Faut le faire…
    Quite frankly, with everything getting so expensive and frozen wages I can no longer afford to go for a family museums-and-days-out weekend to e.g. London, York, Manchester etc… So HS2 won’t be there for us…

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