Posted by: Jason's Staff | October 25, 2011

Jason Votes for EU Referendum

Jason was one of the 111 MPs who voted for a referendum on our EU membership. The debate was triggered by over 100,000 signatures on an E-petition.

“I want to show that MPs can keep their promises, help restore trust in politics and trust the people to have their say on an issue as big as our membership of the EU. Whether you want us in the EU, out of the EU or just want us to renegotiate the terms of our membership of the EU, the people should have their say,” said Jason. “Anyone under the age of 55 has never had a chance to vote on our membership.”



  1. Well done Jason I wish some other MP’s had shown some backbone

  2. I did vote for membership in 1975. I thought I was voting to join a broad based trading group.I would like the opportunity to review this, since it has mutated into an undemocratic and costly super bureaucracy, in which nobody seems to want to take any responsibility.It is crazy, and possibly criminal that this organisation has not had a budget approved for many years.Congratulations on your stand.

  3. well done jason,maybe if they voted the way you did they thought the gravy train would derailand they would lose there nice little earners

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