Posted by: Jason McCartney | November 29, 2011

A Full House But Empty Homes

The House of Commons Chamber was full this lunchtime as the Chancellor delivered his Autumn Statement. There is no quick fix as the government does whatever it takes to protect our country from the debt storm.

Yorkshire will benefit from electrification of the Transpennine Express rail route and there is £1bn more for the Regional Growth Fund which has already helped Yorkshire businesses. The Chancellor also announces the largest ever cash rise for pensioners and he cancelled the 3p a litre rise in fuel duty due in January.

This evening I led an Adjournment Debate on Empty Homes. At a time when so many families are struggling to find suitable accommodation, and developers are eager to build on our beautiful countryside, it is more important that we bring empty homes back into use. There are thousands of empty homes across Kirklees and hundreds of thousands across the country.

I have been working closely with ‘Restoration Man’ George Clarke on this issue. His 2-part series ‘The Great British Property Scandal‘ will air at 9pm on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th December on Channel 4.



  1. I totally agree with your views and wish you all the success in your endeavour to stop further building on green belt and while i’m at it i would like to say i am disgusted with the government for using the excuse that there are too many old people living too long and affecting the ecomomy of this country. I am 74 years of age and have worked hard all my life having been in business at one time and paid plenty of vat and personal taxes. There are lots of old people that have been brought into this country illegally and some maybe legal that have never paid a penny towards their old age but still have the privelege of using our services and drawing benefits. This should be pointed out and not blame people who are english born and bred. leave us alone to enjoy the rest of our lives in peace and stop this witch hunt as an excuse to bully the younger hard working people whose pensions are now being affected. Quote : Ann Widdecomb itv lunch time news today and how many times have parliament said these same words lately. Another point to make is the fact that layabouts who have been claiming all sorts of benefits and never worked in their lives should be put to work and earn the tax payers money by cleaning the countryside as it is filthy with litter strew around on the moors. A good clean up by these wastrels should be put into practice. YURS SINCERELEY JM SMITH.

  2. Shocking program – all of those perfectly good properties being knocked down. At times like this the councils around the country should be generating work for local building firms by refurbishing the houses.

  3. Please Mr McCartney, do your best to make George Clarke’s voice heard and his ideas made reality.
    Investment in refurbishing empty homes will be a win/win project. Homes for the homeless; work for the unemployed.
    I know there’s more to it than meets the eye but old and empty made good has got to be more cost effective than new build.

    I am a CAB volunteer and an access group member. I care about community and country.

  4. Jason, stay true to your word and follow up on your televised support for the campaign George Clarke has undertaken. This can only be of benefit to your constituency, your community, and your reputation — people will be watching to see if you get further involved or if your support was only lip service while the cameras were rolling. Please don’t let us down!

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