Posted by: Jason's Staff | December 7, 2011

Empty Homes Campaign

Jason featured on last night’s Channel 4 programme “The Great British Property Scandal” in which he joined George Clarke in campaigning to bring Britain’s thousands of empty homes back into use.

You can see the show again here, and you can read Jason’s Parliamentary debate on Empty Homes here.



  1. I am very passionate about social housing and would like to thank you for making the government sit up and take notice of the Bigger Picture regarding so many empty properties.Give people the chance to get a loan to be able to live in one of these properties and turn there life around.David Cameron needs to be made aware of the plight of normal people.This show from Channel 4 has hopefully made some impact on how things can be done with a little bit of common sense.Lets get the communities back into Britain.There is no need to spend millions on new developments all the time.Come and talk to the likes of myself and other really enthusiastic people about building up the run-down bricks and mortar that are right under the noses of local councils and Government.Get shot of the red tape.Just say YES to this campaign.Thank you.

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