Posted by: Jason's Staff | January 12, 2012

Empty Homes Campaign Update

Jason caught up with ‘Restoration Man’ George Clarke and the team from Channel 4’s Great British Property Scandal to keep up the momentum on their Empty Homes campaign.

Empty Homes Update

Facts and Figures:

  • The two George Clarke programmes (broadcast Mon Dec 5th and 6th at 9pm) achieved high audiences of 2m and 1.9m respectively, showing that people who watched the first programme thoroughly engaged with the campaign.
  • The online campaign reached 100,000 signatures within a week and the online petition now has 112,048 signatures.
  • There are currently 8,454 Facebook fans and 6,531 followers on Twitter.
  • There is a reporting tool and app allowing people to report empties in their local area to the council – 6,124 empty properties have been reported so far and over 20 of these houses have already been brought back into use (or are about to be) since they were reported. They’ve also received several hundred emails and letters offering help, support, volunteer services and ideas.

Jason only last week met Fresh Horizons, a Huddersfield based Social Enterprise, who are working to bring Empty Homes back into use in our area.

For more information about this growing national campaign, please visit the Empty Homes website.

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