Posted by: Jason's Staff | January 19, 2012

Traders and Trains

Jason was delighted to have secured a debate on the Northern Rail Hub yesterday which attracted 25 MPs of all parties. The Northern Hub is a proposed series of infrastructure investment projects to the rail network in the north. The £560m Hub project could add up to 30,000 new jobs and be worth £4.2Bn to the northern economy. You can read Jason’s speech here.

The night before Jason spoke in the debate on Town Centres and High Streets following the Mary Portas review. Jason highlighted the Tesco planning application for Holmfirth and the success of Lidget Street in Lindley. You can read his contribution to the debate here.



  1. As a resident of Holmfirth I fully support Tesco’s application. I feel some of the traders in Holmfirth have their own interests at heart, and disgard the views of the majority of residents who wish Tesco’s to come to Holmfirth.(as proved by the majority at the meeting in January) These traders plus several councillors need to look to the future. If Holmfirth is not allowed to grow, which in my experience over the passed years has only entered in to decline) it will be the residents who loose out.The only people who will reap the benefit of this decline, is the existing traders and the councillers who have a self serving interest in businesses in Holmfirth. They have no interest in promoting growth unless it serve’s their purpose.They show contempt for what the majority want, they are terrified they will loose their stranglehold on the community..let the people’s voice be heard…

  2. Let’s be honest the Tesco arrival is inevitable, and I personally can’t see why the smaller traders are concerned as I imagine most residents shopping is already done out of Holmfirth. The main sufferers will be the Co-op.
    The big concern is the road system around Holmfirth.
    1 New Mill is already a severe bottleneck. Traffic arriving from Brockholes tails back severely. Strain is placed on Kirk Bridge Lane, a narrow single lane road as traffic uses this route to bypass the crossroads at New Mill. A rounadabout or some form of traffic control has been mooted.
    2 Heys Road. This is where the secondary school is situated. It will ineveitably be the route of choice for traffic from Thurstonland, Shepley, Brockholes, Honley and possibly Meltham. Do we need this level of traffic passing a school situated on a narrow road?
    3 Bridge Lane. A narrow hairpin junction that is already severely over-used. Traffic from Hudderfsield Road will use this route. Already very dangerous.
    4 Hollowgate. A joke! Where else in a civilised society would there be shops – two of which cater for parents with prams, pushchairs etc that open out virtually immediately onto a busy road. The pavement where it does exist is insufficiently wide for most pushchairs. Yet traffic uses this route to avoid the lights at the top of Victoria Street. Children attending Nab School cross Hollowgate. This will be route of choice for Tesco customers leaving Holmfirth to go to Holmbridge, Holme, Hinchliffe Mill, Upperthong, Meltham and even Marsden. With current traffic levels it should be made access only and pedestrianised. Alternatively, made single lane and “chicaned” to slow traffic down further.
    Back to my original point, Tesco is inevitable. What Tesco wants, Tesco gets. But let’s not lie down and have our tummies tickled, let’s make them pay for much needed road improvements. Better still, why not tell them to use their vast reserves to buy access from Huddersfield Road?

  3. I agree that the roads are congested. A roundabout at new Mill would seem to be a good idea in any case? BUT saying that Tesco would cause significantly more traffic is not so in my opinion. Some of these people would already be using these roads to go shopping when they head out of town. And lets face it, they wont all be going at once will they? Did Meltham grind to a stand still when Morrisons opened? A right turn filter lane from new mill might be a good idea if thats possible ?

  4. A lot of the problems associated with the traffic chaos on Victoria Street is not the lights. It is people parking illegally on both sides of the road. We should have double yellow lines all the way along, with perhaps one parking space for a disabled driver. Then anyone else parking should be fined, I have seen illegal parking most days and never seen a traffic warden booking them. Also the lorries delivering to the various shops cause chaos – this is unavoidable – but if parking was not allowed for other vehicles this would surely alleviate this problem.
    WIth regards to the Tesco application at the Midlothian site I agree with Glenn.

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