Posted by: Jason's Staff | July 17, 2012

Yorkshire’s Children’s Heart Surgery Unit

Jason spoke in Parliament today about the decision to close the Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Unit. The Joint Committee of Primary Care Trusts, the decision making body comprising of local commissioners, announced the decision on 4th July.

This decision was independent of the government.

Jason stated the clinical benefits, clinician support, the 600,000 signatures on the petition indicating views of the public and the need to support patient choice as the clear factors to keep the Leeds Unit open.

The two-hour radius around the Leeds heart surgery unit reaches 14.5 million people. Including check-up appointments, the unit sees 10,000 children annually, and it performs 340 operations.

The next steps are for the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to refer the decision to the Secretary of State who then passes it on to the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP) who make the final recommendation. The Local Government Group for Yorkshire and Humber have already asked for the decision to be referred onwards.

Save Our Surgery

PICTURED: Jason with Gaynor Bearder and Dr Sara Matley from the Save Our Surgery campaign.


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