Posted by: Jason's Staff | March 22, 2013

Spring Snow

Jason caught the 314 bus into his Holmfirth office today from his home in Honley. Overnight has seen substantial snow fall across Kirklees. Most schools are closed and there is some disruption on the roads. With over 1500 miles of road in Kirklees, only major routes are being gritted at the moment. A full map of gritting routes in Kirklees can be found here.

Spring Snow

There will be a full grit at 1800 as well as 0500 on the morning of Saturday 23rd March.

Throughout the day over 400 Kirklees staff have been out spreading grit by hand in town centres and all major bus stations. The council is working very hard to ensure that public transport is maintained, but please check here for specific information.

If you are travelling today, please do take extra care. Visit this link for more information on road closures and gritting timetables.

Please keep yourself safe and enjoy the snow if you can.


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