Posted by: Jason's Staff | June 4, 2013

Iraq, Kurdistan & Syrian Refugees

Jason spent the weekend in the Kurdistan Region of Northern Iraq.

Iraq, Kurdistan & Syrian Refugees

As an RAF Officer Jason served on Operation Warden, the No Fly Zone over Northern Iraq in the 1990s, and was honoured to return to the region 18 years on. Whilst Baghdad has major security issues the city of Erbil and the Kurdistan region are peaceful. This secular region sees Christians, Jews and Muslims living side by side and over 2 million tourists visited the area last year.

Iraq, Kurdistan & Syrian Refugees

(Jason serving in Northern Iraq as an RAF Officer in the 1990s)

Jason spent an emotional day at the Domiz refugee camp near the Iraqi/Syrian border. 130,000 Syrian Kurds have fled the fighting in Syria. Jason spoke with many refugees including children who are continuing to be educated in specially constructed schools.

Iraq, Kurdistan & Syrian Refugees

Iraq, Kurdistan & Syrian Refugees

The violence in Syria must end and Jason is calling for a No Fly Zone to stop aerial attacks on civilians.


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