Posted by: Jason's Staff | October 2, 2013

Land of Opportunity

Jason met with inspirational young entrepreneur Jermaine Hagan after the Prime Minister’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. Jermaine is the founder of Revision App which was developed to help students learn and revise. Jermaine was supported by the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills Start-Up loan programme.

Jermaine is one example of what Prime Minister David Cameron wants the UK to turn into: a land of opportunity for all. Under a Conservative Government, wherever you live or whatever your background, if you put in the effort then you will have the opportunity to make it.

Land of Opportunity

A land of opportunity means more decent jobs for hardworking people, more money in their pocket, more chances for their children to get a decent education, wherever they’re from. It means more hope for those stuck on welfare for years too. On all these things we are making progress:

• 1.4 million new jobs in the private sector
• More people in work than ever before
• Benefits capped
• More children studying proper science subjects and foreign languages
• The deficit cut by a third
• Net immigration down by a third

The Prime Minister’s speech had a clear message: we’re getting there. We are fighting to build a better country and we need to be able to finish the job that we’ve started.


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