Posted by: Jason's Staff | February 20, 2014

Public Transport and Isolated Communities

Jason was elected to the Transport Select Committee in June last year. The Committee is compiling a report on public transport in isolated communities. To help research this report Jason was joined by the clerk of the Committee and took to local buses and trains to assess how isolated communities in his Colne Valley constituency are served by public transport.

Public Transport and Isolated Communities

Jason started his journey to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary from the hamlet of Wilberlee which is located just outside of Slaithwaite in the Colne Valley. From Wilberlee he took a Stotts bus to Slaithwaite Rail Station, a Northern Train to Huddersfield Rail Station and a First bus up to the HRI. The journey took just over 40 minutes and all services were well used by the public. The most cost effective way for one adult to complete this journey is to purchase an Adult Train & Bus DayRover for £7.70.

Public Transport and Isolated Communities

The report is due to be published in early April. For more information on the Transport Select Committee please visit this link.


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