Posted by: Jason's Staff | January 15, 2016

Save our A&E at HRI

Jason is shocked and appalled that our local A&E services at HRI are under threat. This proposal by local NHS bosses is completely the wrong decision and needs overturning now. Halifax’s new hospital cost £64m to build, but because of a rushed and ill thought through PFI contract it will actually cost the taxpayers £773m when the contact comes to an end. Jason believes that it’s ridiculous that we have to pay for this by losing our A&E at HRI.

HRI Feb 2014

Huddersfield is a growing University town, which relies on our A&E. Jason lives locally and so like all of us needs an A&E close to home. He has seen first-hand the service currently provided at the HRI from when he has been volunteering there and also when he fractured his elbow. He would like you to join with him to Save A&E at HRI and sign his petition calling to ‘maintain full A&E services at the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary’


‘I want to add my voice in support of maintaining a full accident & emergency service at the HRI’




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