Posted by: Jason's Staff | January 26, 2016

Saving our A&E

Just another quick update from me. I am pleased to have secured a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament next week on A&E Services at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. The debate will be on Tuesday 2nd February from 1430-1600. Your local MPs applied as individuals and as a group to maximise our chance of getting a debate, and this one was chosen by the Speaker’s office.

Continuing our cross party working there will be opportunity for Barry Sheerman, Paula Sherriff and other interested to local MPs to speak if they wish. Westminster Hall is the chamber where the Trump debate was last week. It is all on the record in Hansard and a Health Minister will respond at the end of the debate. Your local MPs are also working on getting Ministerial meetings. I have a scheduled meeting on Monday with the Prime Minister on other topics but you can be assured I will be raising the issue at A&E at HRI.

This has been a great community campaign. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me and I’ll certainly be using some of the individual experiences of our local A&E and well researched points in my speech next week.

I’m aware some of the posts on social media have become political and commentators are right to say politics is involved. The key thing though is that we don’t let petty partisan politics and other issues divide and distract us. We must all to continue to work together to keep our A&E at HRI. You can be assured that’s what I’m fully focussed on.

Right – let’s go Save our A&E!

Best Wishes,




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