Posted by: Jason's Staff | February 22, 2016


Jason is delighted that the Prime Minister has delivered his promise to hold and IN/OUT referendum on our membership of the European Union on Thursday 23rd June.


“ I will be voting and campaigning to leave the European Union, which will come as no surprise to those who have heard me speak on the issue or followed my voting record. I am a proud European but I have no faith in the bloated, undemocratic mess that the EU has become” says Jason.

“ We need to get power back; whether in terms of setting our own laws, controlling our borders, or deciding were all our taxes are spent. The UK is the fifth largest economy in the World, we are a leading member of NATO, we’re on the UN’s Security Council and I’m confident that the UK can have a proud and successful future outside of the EU.”

“ We will all have our say, the outcome will be decided by the British Public and I certainly won’t be lecturing anyone on this once in a generation opportunity to shape our nation’s future. We all will have an equal say in this and I hope everyone takes the opportunity to vote. ”




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