Posted by: Jason's Staff | April 26, 2017

Hands Off HRI at PMQs

Jason has once again raised A&E at HRI in Prime Ministers Questions this afternoon. Jason has been campaigning week in week out since January 2016 to change the minds of the doctors who sit on the local CCG and for them to scrap their appalling proposals to downgrade A&E at HRI. Please see Jason’s question and response from the Prime Minister below.

Jason McCartney PMQs 2017

Jason said to the Prime Minister, Theresa May:

 “My local CCG is planning to downgrade A&E at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and move it to Halifax, this is being dictated by a disastrous PFI deal. I have been fighting these appalling plans alongside the community campaign Hands Off HRI led by Karl Deitch.

 Will the Prime Minister join me in praising the community campaigners led by Karl, does she agree with me that patients should not be suffering as a result of the catastrophic PFI deals signed by the last Labour government and will she ensure that communities like mine will have their voices listened to properly?”

 The Prime Minister said in response:

“Can I say to my Hon. Friend, that I know he has been a tireless campaigner on this issue, he has been a strong voice for his local constituency and he has put his case very persuasively to ministers. He is absolutely right, it’s Labours disastrous PFI deals that are costing the NHS more than £1billion every year, and the choice at the election will be clear. Do the people of Colne Valley want that strong voice for their local A&E, with the ear of a strong Conservative government, continuing to keep our economy strong and investing in our National Health Service? Or do they want the Leader of the Opposition’s ‘Coalition of Chaos’, less money for our public services, less money for our National Health Service, fewer doctors, fewer nurses and worse healthcare for our constituents?”

 To watch Jason’s question to the Prime Minister, and her response please click here.



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