Posted by: Jason's Staff | June 11, 2017


Thank you for all the wonderful messages, cards and emails I’ve received since the election result in the early hours of Friday morning. I polled over 2,600 more votes than in 2015 but a poor national campaign and manifesto whilst Mr Corbyn was offering freebies galore meant that we eventually lost out by just 900 votes. Thank you to everyone who volunteered with my campaign team over the last 7 weeks.

jason marathon

I’m immensely proud to have had the privilege of representing the Colne and Holme and Lindley here and in Westminster for the last 7 years. I’m proud to have always put local people first which led to quite a few rebellious votes. I’m proud of my Jobs Fairs having helped hundreds of local people access quality jobs and apprenticeships. I’m proud to have supported local charities, volunteering and community groups including running the London Marathon twice for the Forget Me Not Trust. I’m proud of my wonderful constituency team, led by John Travis, having helped thousands of local people with a huge variety of issues. I’m proud we treated people with respect and courtesy whatever their political allegiances.

Best wishes to our new Labour MP and her team. I’m not going anywhere, I live here and so Thelma is now my MP. I will be holding her to account on all her promises especially the one saying a vote for her will definitely save our A&E.

After a short break I’m looking forward to some new challenges as well as cheering on Town in the Premier League. Thanks again for the opportunity to serve, it was a great honour.

Jason McCartney


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