Posted by: Jason's Staff | September 3, 2017

Let’s Save HRI

Jason continues to fully support the community based cross party campaign to save A&E at HRI – Let’s Save HRI. Jason supported the 24 hour vigil outside HRI and on Bank Holiday Monday he played in the charity football match at the Stafflex Arena to help raise funds for the campaign.

Jason HRI Vigil

Jason with campaigners at the vigil outside HRI

“This is my local Hospital and I’m determined to keep fighting to save our A&E”, said Jason. “These reconfigurations have been going on a decade with us losing paediatrics and full maternity under a Labour government.

Jason Charity Match

Jason at the fundraising football match

Now we face another reconfiguration with the disastrous PFI deal at Halifax (signed by Labour) dictating that A&E services should be centralised at Calderdale. These plans to spend hundreds of millions of pounds on a new reconfigured services leaving Huddersfield with just a small 64 bed hospital make no sense at all. Whilst some just want to attack the current government and score cheap political points, I’m totally focussed on saving a full A&E at HRI.”

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